Australian Sex Slang You Should Know

Australians are known to be one of the sexiest beings on Earth. They are fit, active, athletic and with help from the sunny weather they get that permanent tan aura surrounding them And don’t forget about the accents, those accents of theirs are one of the reasons while people visit this beautiful country besides all the wonderful sights and culture you’re going to be exposed too. Other than being effortlessly good looking they are known to be one of the nicest people in the globe. Their hospitality, openness, kindness and liberal thinking makes Australia one of the most livable places on the planet. So when tourists visit Australia, they just fall in love with the place that is so different from other Western nations. And they fall in love with the people too, so a few bedroom congress has been initiated. But people become so confused with all the terms they use during sex it makes someone go on pause while fucking, couple that with those accents. Don’t worry mates, here’s a quick guide to deciphering the Aussie sex code.
Means the act of making out, kissing. Oh I don’t mind getting pashed a lot. Pash me right now. Wow, sentences got sexier. Also there are variations to the term such as Pash and Dash, similar to Kiss and Run and Disco Pash, or making out in the club with some random chick/boytoy similar to the ones we see on Jersey ShoreToeier Than Roman Salad
Aussies are really toeier than a Roman salad; they are many shops that sell grown-ups games in Australia. Got confused? No, it does not mean wet pussy! This slang means horny. Like really horny. Weird right? Considering they named a vegetarian meal after an act that requires eating a lot of meat. Oh well, now what kind of dressing should I put on this Roman salad. Oh, dirty you.
Smash Your Back Out
If you’re guessing that this is something that involves BDSM well your close but not close. It mean having sex, the vanilla kind. It comes from their usage of the word “smash” meaning “do”. So when someone says, Can I smash you? Don’t run to the hills, instead kneel and let the fingers do the talking. However can I smash you with a bottle of beer doesn’t sound nice.
Wristy and Spoof
No, that does not mean rubbing both of your wrists with cum! Wristy means to masturbate, similar to Americans, jerking off and to the Brits act of wanking. Aussie gave their own flair with this slang. And after you do a wristy what comes out? Spoof! No, that’s not a sound effect, that’s Aussie slang for cum. Yes, sort of peculiar. Hearing here goes my spoof from your partner that does not sound so horny doesn’t it. Experience the great range of BDMS sex playthings in Australia
So here you go a list of common Aussie sex term you might be hearing in a club or during a make out session. You’ll hear them frequently so now you know what to answer! Good luck mate!

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