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How To Handle Your First Meeting With A Female Escort


There’s a first time for everything, if you’ve never been with an escort before but always wanted to try it out then there’s not time like the present. But whether you’re just curious or you’ve already set up a meeting you are bound to have questions about how you should act during the process. People don’t talk about escorts in “polite society” and so while you’ve probably met someone who has visited an escort or worked as one they’ve probably never talked about their experiences. Fortunately thanks to the internet you can learn how to act without having to ask potentially awkward questions to the people you know.

While people often go to escorts Melbourne to avoid most of the stress and formalities of dating you should still prepare for a meeting with a female escort like you might when meeting a date. Remember that you have to remember that while escorts may perform their job whether you’ve taken a shower or not beforehand they’re going to appreciate it if you take the time to clean up before they arrive. If you show that you appreciate them and do what you can to make them feel good then they are likely to return the favour.

If you want something you need to ask for it. Many people are embarrassed to talk about their desires and fantasies but you have to understand that people who provide adult services have heard just about everything, so if you’re not asking them to put themselves in physical danger they aren’t likely to judge you. THe important thing is that you ask ahead of time, rather than just assuming that they’ll be OK with whatever you’re asking for. Escorts have the right to deny services and each has different standards so if you want anything special you need to ask ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Discretion isn’t just important for you, it’s also important for the escort. As you can imagine while many bisexual in Melbourne escorts have no shame about the job they perform they also understand that the rest of society isn’t as open-minded as it can be. You probably want to be as anonymous as possible when dealing with escort agencies and the escorts feel the same way, when you’re out in public don’t refer to them by their professional name in case anyone nearby who knows their real name might get suspicious. It’s best to minimize time spent together in public, inviting them directly to your home or hotel room. Also understand that you should keep personal questions toa minimum, small talk is great but the deeper you get the more uncomfortable you’re likely to make them.

Remember that while you may be paying the money the escort has final say. If they say they won’t do something then you need to respect their wishes and drop the subject. If they give you a price don’t try and bargain, especially after they’ve actually performed their job. Treat them with the respect you’d want in their position and everything will go as smoothly as possible.