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Fetish Shopping: Plain view or Discrete?

Unless you have the drop dead body like Angelina Jolie (despite her age!), Beyoncé, or Jennifer Lopez (even after child birth) chances are you’d never want to be caught purchasing leather apparels. Okay! You don’t want to get caught, but does it mean you’re not buying?
Let’s get the facts straight regarding this taboo on leather fetish wear and adult toys. Sex, (yes just say it!), dear friends is a natural physiological need. Humans do it, dogs do it, frogs do it, spiders do it (talk about fatal attraction), even mosquitoes do it. It is our natural design to feel antsy sometimes and would like to do the nasty! Be it with the opposite gender or with someone with the same anatomical design, is immaterial. Having sexual releases is as natural and as essential as sneezing! If that’s the case, why is the topic of bodily pleasures still hush-hush in this day and age? The answer is perception and preference. Check this out Oxballs Cocksling and get to know more styles and more ideas that will suit your taste. 
Humans are so inundated by the opinion of other people that we tend to shape our realities based on their perception of who we are. I’m a Harvard Law Graduate but, I dye my hair bright purple. Does that make me a low life? Our preferences, too, are dependent on other person’s approval. We shop for clothes and it is important to have a friend with us. Should I buy the low neckline dress that shows off my boob job? Or should I take the one with dipping backline to emphasize my nice butt curves? When it comes of pleasure purchases, we tend to endure in secrecy. There is a certain thrill, however, to visiting online adult shops in the safety and comfort of your own home. The cornucopia of choices for leather fetish wear, bondage gears, and electro stem online is fascinating. You can browse and look over numerous items over several stores in an entire afternoon, a feat not possible when you shop as awalk-in client to your neighborhood red-light district. Down side of this discreet method of shopping, as with any other apparel purchased done online, is that you won’t be able to have a fitting for the fetish wear you like. Great post to read for those interested in window shopping Adult Sex Toys and for those who wants to purchase right away.
Some women, though, prefer to shop the traditional way, by walking-in adult shops. The coverage is not as wide as with internet shopping, but you’ll get the real feel and fit of the fetish fashion. You’ll be allowed to check your toys for factory defects, ask a sales attendant for usage demo (just to see if it works fine), and ask instructions for care and handling. These women, come out feeling victorious, andempowered.
Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex and wanting to have it with props and toys. It’s only a matter of choice, whether you acquire them in the open or in seclusion.

The top 6 myths about condoms

Condoms are perhaps the most widely known and used form or contraception today. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to use. But, there are a number of myths surrounding their use, some of which have spread faster than a celebrity scandal and some of which have become common knowledge. So here’s a list of the myths and the truth (or untruth) behind them. Click here for more exciting information.

1. Using two condoms is safer than one. This is a big, fat lie, using two condoms actually increases the chances of the condom breaking. It’s like if you have ever worn two pairs of socks in hopes it will prevent blisters. What actually happens, is rather than adding protection, the two layers rub together causing friction against the skin. This can cause tears in the condoms. So, no two is not better than one, in the case of condoms. The fact that this has become a myth goes to show that there is still a fairly large number of people who do not understand how to wear a condom.
2. Condoms only protect against Pregnancy. This also false. Men’s condoms can also protect you and you partner from STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections). So it is worthwhile to use with partners with a previous sexual history even if you are using other contraceptive methods such as the Pill or injection.
3. I don’t need a condom because I /my partner is on the pill. This is not completely false, but also not completely true. The pill is not always guaranteed to be one hundred per cent effective in protection from pregnancy. If you/your partner has been sick (vomiting or diarrhoea) or is on antibiotics the effectiveness of the pill is dramatically lowered. The pill also does not protect you or your partner from contracting STI’s. So yes, you probably still need to use men’s condoms (or female) even if you are using other contraceptives.
4. Using extra lubrication with condoms is good. Wrong, this is a myth. Most condoms have been lubricated in some way shape or form before packaging so there’s that. But also dependent on the type of condom you are using, extra lubrication can damage it. Knowing how to wear a condom correctly also involves things like lubricants. With latex condoms for example (which are also the most common type) oil based lubricants such as baby oil or Vaseline can actually damage the latex causing it to tear easily. Water based lubricants from pharmacy are the safest option if you feel you need extra lubrication.
5. Men’s condoms aren’t necessary if I’m only having oral sex. Wrong again. Whilst you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, you can contact STI’s. Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes can be contracted orally. So it is better to err on the side of caution than risk a life-long STI.  

Gay Sex Toys

If what I know about sex toys would fit on the back of a smallish postcard then what I know about gay sex toys would fit on a postage stamp.  Researching for this article didn’t help me an awful lot I have to say as I gather most knowledge about sex toys for same sex partners is shared within the gay and lesbian community.  Although the toys themselves will differ to accommodate same sex partners the principles are the same as those toys designed for heterosexual partners.  Due to my woeful lack of knowledge in the field I am not going to try and describe different toys and what they are for, frankly I am not capable of doing that even if I wanted to.Sex toys are about enhancing and adding excitement to your relationship, whatever form that relationship takes.  To that end, it is important to look at adding toys in the context of a shared experience rather than something than one partner might want to try.  You are in a relationship presumably because you want to be together and you enjoy each other for more than the physical aspects of the relationship.  Choosing sex toys should then be a shared experience whether you do so in an adult retail store or you get  gay sex toys online in Australia. Shopping for your toys can be a fun and educational experience in itself and you will learn about each other as well.Make sure you are both comfortable with the choices you make.  Even though you will not be able to return the goods if you change your mind once they arrive, you can still change your mind about using them.  You need to feel comfortable enough in your relationship that you can say no if something turns out not to be to your liking.  While it is important to be able to say no, you should still keep an open mind as you do never know until you try it.  It is a good idea to use a condom for toys that are for intimate use to make keeping them clean easier and also to prevent the spread of infections.  Lubricants are also available in the online stores and these can help you with using toys that have you anxious if your body’s own lubrication conks out or you are inserting the toy in areas without natural lubrication such as the anus.At the end of the day, remember that sex toys need not be all about things that vibrate and glow in the dark.  Fantasy lingerie in Australia is also in the sex toy category and can really set the mood for a romantic encounter, making you feel confident and attractive as well as playful.  There is a large range of board games available that can also set a tone for your encounter and some help with awkward subjects and help you to talk about the things you would like to try in the bedroom.