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When Do You Need A Topless Waitress?

To a lot of people asking a question with regards to topless waitresses’ availability is a bit of confusing one. For starters, why do you need to have a party with topless waitresses at all – surely fully clothed waitresses will do? – and secondly there is only one place where a topless waitress would be acceptable and that is at a man’s stag do or birthday party. You don’t need a topless waitress at any other event, do you?Well let’s tackle these questions one at a time shall we. Firstly, you are right topless waitresses are not really needed and are in no way superior to fully clothed waitresses but get a group of men together in a room or a bar and topless waitresses are like angles from heaven. Secondly, you’d be wrong to assume that topless waitresses only have one role in life and that is at birthday parties or bachelor parties, they are actually a lot more in demand than that.What other event would a topless waitress not look out of place at? Take a look at the following events where you might just run into a topless waiters in Melbourne.
Stag nightIt is obvious but it is probably the most common place where a topless waitress would be working. Yes topless waitresses are incredibly common at stag parties because a large group of alcohol infused men only want to see one thing – women with their tits out. Added to this that a large amount of stag parties take place in strip clubs and it’s no wonder they are one of the most common places to find topless waitresses.
Lads’ night inA lads’ night in another typical haunt of topless waitresses because men are becoming more refined holding parties instead of going out and escort companies are becoming better at exploiting these parties. The result? A lads’ night in is just as scandalous and sex filled as a stag do at a strip joint and now strippers in Brisbane are a permanent fixture at any lads’ party you will go to.
Divorce partyYou read that right there are now divorce parties where people celebrate the gut wrenching and haunting prospect of cutting all ties with the person they have just spent the last ten years with and will love some way or another for the rest of their life. What’s the best way to celebrate this tragic loss then? A couple of topless waitresses wandering around with no clothes on!
Corporate eventsCorporate events are generally homogenous, testosterone filled events with hundreds of men baying for blood so the first thing you’d expect to see would be a couple of topless waitresses, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Corporate events are probably just as infamous for topless waitresses than a stag party, which is saying something.