The Most Famous Types Of Body Therapies

Massages have become a very popular form of therapeutic treatment nowadays. Their ability to relax the body and the mind have made them a staple of many hotels and resorts, but what are the most famous types of massages nowadays? Read on below to find out!

Swedish massages – the most common and widespread type of spa and hotel massage is the Swedish massage. Also known as the classic massage in countries besides those speaking English and Dutch (as well as Hungary), the Swedish massage consists of five types of strokes for the massage. These are the effleurage, the petrissage, the tapotement, friction and vibration.

Thai massages – the Thai massage is one of the few types of body massages that allow the customer to be fully clothed during the treatment. It is derived from an amalgamation of the Chinese and Indian massaging techniques. It is however a very vigorous type of massage, as it involves a number of intense and difficult stretching positions.

Erotic massages – another type of popular massage is the erotic form, used widely in sex therapy. It involves a sensual massage Hong Kong aimed at sexual arousal by stimulating the erogenous zones of the body. Erotic massages are common on a private level, but on a commercial level, they are often regulated strictly by the law – to the point that they are banned in many countries.

Stone massages – just as the name implies, the stone massage involves the use of stones in its treatment. The stones can either be cold or heated in water, and are used to relax the body through pressure and heat. Sometimes, the stones are also coated in oil and used to massage the body. The stone type used in this type of massage are the lava rocks, or basaltic rocks that have become smooth and polished over time.

Acupressure – the relative of the well-known acupuncture, acupressure is a form of massage which involves the application of pressure on the meridians, or pressure points of the body. Unlike what the name denotes, needles do not pierce the skin in this type of treatment; pressure is applied either by hand, elbows, feet or various devices such as the acuball.

Reflexology – reflexology is the other mainstream type of massage, besides the Thai massage, that allows you to remain fully clothed during the massage. The reason behind this is because reflexology involves only the massage of your hand and feet. It is based on the belief that the hands and feet have links to every other part of the body, hence why these two regions only are massaged.

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