What Every Hen Night Needs

Every bride is different, every wedding is special and so every hen’s night should be unique too. With that being said there are certain things that just about every hen night should have if you want to get that classic experience that every bride-to-be should have before they take the leap into marriage. In this article we’ll look at what you need to consider as you plan your event in order to maximize the fun and create a night to remember.Transport. If you are planning on going out on the town you and your party could pile into a minivan, take the bus or go in style. There are companies in your city that hire our limousines and luxury cars that can take you to your destination like a celebrity. If you dream about feeling like an A-list star but can’t afford a nice car in your day to day life why not go all out for your hens party? It’s especially worthwhile if you are planning on drinking, because hiring a driver means you’ll have a designated driver you can trust. A good venue. For some people a night at home is more fun than a night on the town and that’s fine, but when you’re looking for hens night ideas you should at least look at the venues in your city where you might want to spend the night. Even if you don’t want to go out to a club why not rent a nice hotel room so you can at least feel like it’s more than just a night at home?Alcohol. Nothing gets a party going quite like flowing alcohol. The problem is that if you are going out to party on the town then drinking can quickly get expensive, think about the clubs that charge over 10 dollars a drink and multiply that by all the friends who will be coming. So the best idea is probably to buy all the alcohol you need so you can drink before going into any clubs or invest in one of the hens night packages that include drinks at a discounted price. Also remember that while a hens night is for having fun you also want to be responsible, pay especial attention to planning for transportation so no one is left drinking or driving.A stripper. Or more than one stripper! This next element is one of the more controversial, to be fair not everyone enjoys the thought of spending time watching an almost naked stranger dance for them. But while some people genuinely do not enjoy the idea many more are just nervous about showing this side of themselves to the world. If you aren’t going to get some male strippers for your hen’s night then when are you? That’s why you should at least look into hiring a stripper or getting a package that includes them. Believe it or not the stripper will work with you to come up with entertainment that is as raunchy or as tastefully entertaining as they can do. Know more about male strippers in Melbourne, at http://www.hunkmania.com.au/ By now some of you will be excited to go all out planning your party and others will be more reserved. To be honest it is all a bit decadent but if you’re the type of person who is conservative and careful in your daily life then this is the perfect time to try something new. Hens nights don’t come around often and you don’t want to look back after a life lived carefully and think about the chance you missed to really live it up like they do in the movies.

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